We have collected frequently asked questions from the developer community and have provided the answers below for your reference.


# Does Pimax PC VR devices(5K/8K/etc) support OpenXR SDK?

Yes. The Pimax PC VR runtime is compatiable with OpenVR SDK, since OpenVR has fully supported OpenXR 1.0, developers can also develop OpenXR Apps for Pimax PC VR devices.

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# Why do I get error 1011 while trying to upload my apk?

Due to the imperfection of pimax-dev-util, we only support v1 signature right now, we may need you to sign with v1 additionally.

# Can I upload android build larger than 2GB?

Android only support apk within 2G, you can use technique like OBB to handle your assets. Pimax Store does not support hosting OBB files yet, developers may need to do that by yourself.