# Get SDK

All APPs must integrate with the Pimax SDK to be released on Pimax Store. Pimax Store supports PC VR APPs for now.

# Platform SDK

Improve the game experience by intergrating Pimax Platform SDK.

The Pimax platform service supports features including DRM and user information. Achievements, in-app purchases, and more features are under the development.

MAKE SURE you have integrated the platform SDK before upload your APPs.


Support Pimax XR devices by intergrating XR SDK.

The Pimax runtime is compatiable with OpenVR SDK, to save the porting workload for developers whose APPs are oriented to PC VR, instead of using Pimax XR SDK, developers can integrate the OpenVR SDK to render the content into Pimax devices.

# OpenXR

Many developers are concerned about the OpenXR support of Pimax devices. As mentioned above, we are compatible with the OpenVR SDK, and OpenVR has fully supported OpenXR 1.0. So developers can also develop OpenXR Apps for Pimax devices.