# Documentation


The Pimax PC runtime is compatiable with OpenVR SDK, to save the porting workload for developers whose APPs are oriented to PC VR, instead of using Pimax XR SDK, developers can integrate the OpenVR SDK to render the content into Pimax devices.

# Native PC XR SDK

For developing APPs based on developers' own engine, or without using the engine. This SDK provides maximum freedom for developers to develop APPs.

# Unity PC XR SDK (Deprecated)

For developing APPs with Unity engine.

# Unreal PC XR SDK (Deprecated)

For developing APPs with Unreal engine.

# Driver SDK

For providing their kinds of VR devices function to the PVR Runtime, to the VR Apps, to the VR Users.

# Downloads

Platform Downloads
Windows SDK pvr_windows_sdk_setup.exe (opens new window)
Unity PC SDK pvr_unity_sdk_setup.exe (opens new window)
Unreal PC SDK pvr_unreal_sdk_setup.exe (opens new window)
Pimax Client Download Page (opens new window)