# Content Incentive Program

# Dear VR Developers

We've launched ground-breaking VR products and aim to bring fantastic VR 3.0 content to the platform. Great hardware requires exceptional software, and we're committed to supporting talented developers who can make our dreams a reality. We offer assistance programs and financial support to encourage new software titles into the Pimax Store ecosystem.

# 1,000 FREE Pimax Portal Dev Kits For Developers

For developers who have compelling content and are interested in appearing in the Pimax Store, we are providing our latest Portal devices free of charge along with the SDK for up to 1,000 developers. Whether it’s a new game or a Metaverse business application we are here to assist you to reach your goal.

# Pimax Incentive Funds

We're providing a total of $100,000 in incentive bonuses to developers who collaborate with us, based on the completion of the content.

# Choose Your Own Revenue Split

Developers can choose their own Revenue Split on the Pimax Store and determine what proportion they need for their own success along with Pimax Store ( 100% revenue share in many cases, otherwise 90% revenue share ).

# Free Advertising And Top Billing Opportunities

The developers will receive an official PR bonus and top-notch exposure for their software. We advertise their game on social media, online platforms, and the Pimax Store. Numerous events are offered for promoting great content.

# To Learn More About This Special Developer Opportunity

Please check out the links below: the Developer Center (opens new window) and our Pimax Store (opens new window) to learn more about the process and support for the developer community. Our future update plan which will focus special attention on market segments such as VR mods and more. Click here (opens new window) and sign up as a developer, our team will get in touch with you to discuss the plans and explore how Pimax can assist you in achieving your goals.

You can also contact us at developer@pimax.com

Pimax Team